Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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I just don't get it. A Kindle is an ebook reading device from Amazon. Thats all it is. It is not the most beautiful thing in the world that some people seem to think it is.
There are many other reading devices out there that are a good as or if not better than a Kindle.
People bang on about how good Kindle's are without really exploring other options.
With most other ebook reading devices you can get books from any eBook source as well as Amazon.
Even an ipad is better that a Kindle. With an ipad you can buy books from iBooks but you can also purchase eBooks from any other eBook website.
With a Kindle you have to purchase all your eBooks from Amazon. In general they are not the cheapest source of eBooks on the market.
You are cutting out all the other suppliers of eBooks including our eBook site Thesaurus's eBook Store .
Locally produced  eBook sites have a huge range of Australian content. Amazon has very little Australian content. They just don't care.Also most Australian eBook sites are very price competitive. You are also supporting your local shop. I say this not because I think you should out of some kind hearted desire to support us but because it does not make sense not to when our prices are competitive.You may be paying the GST but that is also money that stays in the Australian economy.
I was talking to a guy today who was going on an overnight bike ride and was going to take his kindle because it was so convenient. Hello! How many books was he going to read overnight?  He will probably read a few pages of one book. I put it to him that perhaps one paperback may be just as convenient probably more so. It is lighter, it bends and will not break, it works when its wet or dirty. As I said I just don't get it.
So lets put things into perspective and don't get caught up in all the eBook spin that we are being fed.
Myth 1: Kindle books are generally no cheaper than most Australian eBook web sites including our own.
Myth 2: On an eBook you can take hundreds of books away with you on holiday. True, but how many books does the average person read on holiday. One maybe two. Why not take a couple of paper books. They are light, you can bend them, they will not break or scratch, it doesn't matter if you lose it or leave it behind.
Myth 3: Kindle books are easy to download. Well, so is every other ebook.
If you want to try an eBook use your iPad or Android tablet. With those devices you can do lots of other social networking things. Don't buy a Kindle!

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