Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thesaurus Books eBook store

Thesaurus eBook Store
Dear Thesaurus Bookshop Customer,
There has been much talk over the past couple of years about the eBook vs pBook. Is the eBook going to take over? Are bookshops going to disappear?
Our answer is NO and NO.
There are many people who enjoy reading from their eReader and just as many people who love to read a print book. And many more people who enjoy both. It doesn’t seem to be an “age thing”. In fact, I think there are more older users of eReaders than younger people. From the 30 somethings I speak to, they are tired of reading from a screen by the time they finish work. It’s a print book for them.
There are pros and cons for each format. We have all heard the arguments and you don’t need to hear them again. The bottom line is that an ebook is just another format. As I read the other day…”Escalators didn’t make stairs obsolete!”
There are many books just not suited to an ebook format and some just as good in both formats.
If you want to try an eBook I would suggest not buying a Kindle. The reason I say this is that you can only buy from Amazon with a Kindle, and they have very few Australian books available. With almost any other device, tablet, or eReader you can buy your ebooks from any source including Amazon.
At Thesaurus we have gone into partnership with “Readcloud”. “Readcloud” is an independent Australian software company that provides an ebook solution to Australian Independent Bookshops. This allows you to support your local bookshop even if you read your books on an eReader.
Thesaurus Bookshop is committed to offering its customers any book they want, in any format they want. Our eBookstore offers over 100,000 eBooks from a range of global and Australian publishers including Random House, Hachette, HarperCollins, Penguin, Allen & Unwin, John Wiley & Sons, Text Publishing, Scholastic, Bloomsbury, Scribe Publications, Walker Books, Murdoch Books, Hardie Grant, Health Press, UQP, SPUNC and Black Inc. with many more publishers coming on board.
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