Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ABC For Kids

Thesaurus Booksellers has been running successfully an ABC Centre as part of its business for the past 25 years. The ABC brand is one of the most recognised and trusted brands in Australia.

There has been a lot of talk recently about digital product spelling the end of printed books, dvd's and music cd's. That is far from the case. Although digital product has its place it does not mean the end of purchasing a hard copy of the product.

Jude, our ABC centres manager and owner of Thesaurus has just returned from the annual ABC Conference and far from gloom and doom there is nothing but a positive vibe about our future. The ABC has some fantastic product coming out in the next few months for adults and children.

In fact childrens product is an ABC strong point.The ABC have facebook page called
"ABC for Kids for Parents"
I have listed below why clicking on 'Like" the page is well worth while.


A place for parents who want to know how to make ABC For Kids a part of their child's world.
Company Overview
ABC for Kids puts smiles on the faces of your little ones.
Now we’d like to light up your Facebook!
As the No. 1 Preschool brand in DVD and CD in Australia, we share our day with The Wiggles, Thomas & Friends, Fireman Sam, Play School, Justine Clarke and many more fabulous friends.
As one of our friends, you can get instant access to the latest news & competitions; find the latest releases, give us your views and reviews, interact with other ABC for Kids parents and discover pre-schooler activities for your child.
If you have young ones in your life and are interested in not only what the ABC provide in the way of product but also parenting tips, click on the 'ABC for Kids for Parents" facebook page .

If you want more information or are interested in any ABC product email Jude on Contact us via email

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  1. I bought my son an alphabet toy called ABC so he can learn the alphabet early.
    Kids ABC