Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Guardian Idependent Bookshops a UK Guide.

In our International Book-y Blogroll on the left of this page there are links to The Guardian Books Page that will lead you to lots of different articles and interviews and also to an Independent Bookshops a UK Guide.

Independent Bookshops UK Guide on The Guardian website

This is a fantastic initiative! What a lovely idea - a national platform that is an interactive platform for the Independent Book Industry in the UK. Unlike Australia the market-share in the UK is not as strong for the Independents but they are still integral for the book community and ultimately for the industry (which on occasion might pretend it doesn't need the little ones but as was proved with Borders it actually is the little ones that stick through and through).

What is also important about this site and the links to the directory is that it is run or at least set up by a national newspaper. Perhaps it is time for a similar resource to be implemented in all markets across the world? It is certainly a excellent resource for customers as well as industry. It is such a warm-fuzzy sort of idea to create an online community where customers/ authors too can contribute. A fine example of how creative and innovative ideas can work together with technology.

Perhaps (tongue firmly in cheek) a certian small-business-minister might even get on board!

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