Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blog Rolls

Having managed blogs with increasingly unruly blogrolls you will be pleased to observe how organised this Thesaurus blog has become in providing interesting and useful links for you to click on and explore.

Before we begin however it is a good idea to read our Quick Note on the Blogrolls

"Just so you know we are interested in what is listed below otherwise we wouldn't be linking them into our site. However we do not necessarily write for these sites and as such cannot endorse all that is written. So advance, do, but with a sprinkling of salt, pepper and sense!"

For your browsing convience our blogrolls are grouped under appropriate headings.

  • Buddy Blogs
    • Written by those who contribute to this blog
  • Australian Book-y Blogs
    • Links to Australian book related blogs and websites
  • International Book-y Blogs
    • Links to International book related blogs and websites, a broader perspective
  • Author-y Blogs
    • Author blogs, by authors we love
  • Writer-y Blogs
    • Blogs aimed at the writer within you!

These lists are of course all works in progress, we would love to add more sites and blogs and online connections to faciliate your enjoyment of our website. Interested in author interviews? Following what is happening at the Wheeler Centre? Reviews? Industry mumblings? Well come here first and then open up to tabbed browsing.

The left side of this blog will be reserved entirely for blogrolls and links and we will be ever developing this rescource. So stay tuned and if you have any suggestions please email or facebook  us.

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