Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Book Sculpture?

Hold steady; take a seat - hold onto your metaphorical hats because what you will see when you click on the link below may ultimately change the way you view how books can be used, accessed and preserved.

I am a one who scowls and frowns at those that leave broken spines open over the back of the chair; I despair at the dog eared corner of a page in a library book; let alone scrawling an aside in PEN. Goodness! That would never do.

And yet, when one sees such beauty here, literally the pages come alive.

I think it may very well make your day (as was suggested in the post we got the link from on Neil Gaiman's blog) but it may also change you a little bit on the inside and you might even find yourself leaving a paper crane behind out of your morning newspaper.

Mysterious Paper Sculptures


  1. Those are amazing! I love text, books, reading and creating with them... books and words can be honoured in many ways!