Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Carrier by Sophie Hannah

The Carrier by Sophie Hannah

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Sophie Hannah is a poet by profession and has now written a number of impressive psychological thrillers. Her writing skills are evident from the powerful dimensional characters she invents and the unfolding intrigue that entangles them.

Hannah's protagonists in all her books are strong resourseful women that have unconventional lives and professions but have a dogged desire to pursue the truth when events challenge them.

"The Carrier" her lastest thriller, is 'un-put-downable'.

The protagonist, an intelligent analytical woman, carrying traumatic baggage from her past , meets the characters who have inflicted this trauma. The protagonist is forced to confront her demons, and pursues the truth so that the killer is exposed and her past lover is released from prison, for a crime she does not believe he has committed.

At every turn, events are not what they seem. Eventually the protagonist must relinquish any emotional assessment of events and rely on theoretical analysis to come to the truth. Each mistake in her thinking is a dangerous turn. The police have to use their most skilled officer to untangle the events and conduct parallel enquiries alongside the protagonist that will expose the killer before any other tragedy strikes.
Review by Cathy Hewett ( A Thesaurus loyalty club member)  

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